Thursday, August 31, 2006

fractured arm.

fractured arm

I fell last Friday down our steps and hurt my arm. I went to the doctor who decided that I had torn a tendon. He gave me some pain killers and some cream and I went home. On Monday evening my arm was really sore. I decided that driving was hurting it the most so organised for my dh to take the children to school and made an appointment to go back to the doctor after school when he could take me. I had xrays and the radial has a fracture. So I will not be driving or using my arm very much for the next three weeks. I think I will start to appreciate having a drivers licence after this.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings.

I go to a craft group on Monday mornings. They have a free creche for Christopher and I get to spend time with other mothers. I really like the group and it revive's me. I usually take some knitting to do but this morning I just went and sat and had a coffee. On Friday I fell outside our house and tore a tendon in my arm. It is still sore but getting better. At least I can type with both hands now. I decided to do no knitting this morning because I didn't want to hurt my arm more.

I have come to realize that things in our life either fill us up or drain us. The craft group is one thing that I know is a filler. A drainer is keeping our house in order. I know that when I don't take the time to fill myself my life becomes depressing and I start to neglect the drainers in my life. It is important to take time to fill yourself up and keep your life in ballance. What are the things that fill you up?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Differences between Americans and Australians.

Differences between Americans and Australians.

I keep on noticing differences between us. For instance, I entered my birthday into blogger as 1/10/66 and I see blogger has my zodiac sign (something I don't believe in for a minute) as Capricorn and I realize that blogger thinks my birthday is the 10 of January when it is the 1st of October.

Another difference. Americans seem to hate hate hate vegemite with a capital H. Australians have it for Breakfast lunch and tea. Why do Americans hate it so much?

They call nappies diapers and dummies pacifiers.

Anyway, they are different from me but I still really love all my American friends. What do you americans find weird about us Aussies? (except for the fact that we like vegemite)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

here I am with our youngest child. He is much older now but I couldn't find any recent photo's of myself. I haven't changed much since this photo was taken anyway.


Hey There.

Welcome to the Aussie Coffee Shop. My name is Therese and I am a sahm to 7 wonderful children.

Daniel is my eldest. He is 14. Then we have Sam, 12 Madeline 11, Brigette 9, Tom 6, Amelia 5 and Christopher 18 months.

I am married to Steve and he is a teacher.

I enjoy sewing and knitting. I also like spending time on the computer which is probably the main reason I started this blog.

I look forward to reading any comments that you have.


Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
Our sons Tom and Christopher and our daughter Amelia are type one diabetics. We pray everyday for a cure. We do not want one by illicit means though so don't support any organisation that contributes to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Click on the photo of Tom and Christopher to read about why I am against using Embryonic Stem cells for a cure.

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Australian Catholic Homeschoolers.

Tom's and Christopher's insulin pump

New book: Faith Quilt.

New book: Faith Quilt.
All proceeds from sales of "FAITH QUILT" going to "Casa de Amor Children's Homes in Bolivia" and "Sarah's Covenant Homes in India" Two truly extraordinary organisations that take in the most needy children and give them a place of love and security to call home.