Thursday, January 31, 2008

oh my goodness.

We had a good trip to Adelaide. Tom's Endocrinologist is very happy with his bsl and management.

I thought we would be at the hospital a lot longer than we were but were leaving Adelaide by 11.30.

We were only 5 km out of Port Augusta and I was pulled over by police for a random breath test. I was clear but this other police officer found that the car I was driving was unregistered. Our car registration was due last November and somehow we overlooked paying it.

I was interviewed on the side of the road by the police and when he finished he told me that I will be summoned to court in 4 to 6 weeks for driving an unregistered vehicle. I will get fined and may loose my license for a short time. They let me drive the car home and when Steve got home I told him and we went and registered the car.

Without the police pulling us over we never would have realized that the car was unregistered. If we had been in an accident we would have had no insurance which is really frightening. I was a bit scared when the policeman told me that the car was unregistered but this is better than having an accident and finding out. I have learnt my lesson.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Off to Adelaide.

Tom is having a check up to see how things are going with his pump. I am pretty certain that his Hba1c (a blood test that tells his average) will be much lower. His bsl are excellent on the pump and we only have ocasional lows and highs.

I won't have computer access while we are gone so will post again in a couple of days.

God bless

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Excellent Blog Award.

Thanks to Michelle at Dei Gracia, Lisa at Episcopollyanna and Kathy at The daily Grotto for passing on this award to my blog. I feel very honoured that three of you choose me.

The rules:

By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want-even those that have received it already, but please award at least 10 people.

I pass this award onto:

Fr. John Speekman from Homilies and Reflections from Australia

Marilena from St. Therese's Roses

Paramedic Golden Girl from Salve Regina

Marco from Third Blog from the Right

Lilder from Umm, Where am I?

Easter from Mostly Prayers

Shell from Thinking Love, No Twaddle

+JMJ+ from Totus Tuus Family and Catholic Homeschool

Jen from He Knows My Name

Alexandria from Happy Hearts at Home

Monday, January 28, 2008

What is your Personality Profile?

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.

Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.

You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.

You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.

Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

H/T Louise

The other night after Mass

After Saturday night vigil Mass, we had an Australia Day BBQ. Here are some photo's of our youngest 4 that were taken.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Week

I saw this at Sailing by Starlight's blog

Work = Done but only just

Home = Peaceful

Head = weary

Mood = happy

Friends = wonderful

Family = lovely

Prayer = a bit neglected

Reading = quiet time

Bible study = time with Steve

Awareness = sometimes hehe

Sleep = the best thing

Fun = other blogs and friends online

Love = essential.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My new pantry

Here is my new pantry in stages:

Today I did my first oamc day. It was a big job and I am exhausted. We have had a couple of extra bills so my plan was to cook for 20 days rather than 30.

I have made:

Mushroom pasta sauce
Tomato pasta sauce
chicken chow mein
Beef stroganoff

Still to make (because we had so many other things going on today):

Chicken enchiladia's
Boglanaise sauce
Sausage casserole
Chicken cheesecake

For each of these I doubled our recipe and we will have 20 meals in the freezer tomorrow.

I will be doing the next big one in a fortnight. A few things I will do differently.

1) Shop the day before and cut up all the vegetables. I got up at 6 this morning so that I could do the shopping. The children helped me cut up the vegetables so it didn't take too long but I didn't start cooking till after lunch.
2) Plan to do nothing else all day. I had told the children that I would be able to take them to Big W for stationery needs. This was the other reason I didn't start cooking till lunch time.
3) Write out a list of recipes and do them in order. Hopefully as I do it a couple more times it will become easier.

17 Years ago today.

I married my best friend.

It was a very grand day. The weather was perfect and even though we were both very nervous in front of all those people we still said our vows without a hitch.

We were married in St. Patricks Church Adelaide and had a reception at the Colonial.

Happy Aniversary Steve. I hope it is a great day for you.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Curtains and floor from our Master Bedroom.

Remember the shot I took of the curtains by my sewing table? I couldn't stand them not going back to the bracket for the rod so I cut one down and we used it as one half of the curtains on the window behind our bed. I have done the other one so now all I need to do is the curtain by the sewing table again and the quilt. I will measure it properly now.

Steve has finished of the floor and it looks fantastic. I love walking on it with bare feet. It has such a smooth feel to it.So here are a couple of photos so that you can see what it looks like.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is my response to Angela's and Jean's Tag.

Since I have two tags I am going to post two books and tag 10 people.

Here are the rules.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

For little one's, decide on your own. Figure out the logical time for these activities to occur in your home and family and write them down. Make up any charts you need and post them.

My five tags are:


Shakespeare's Cobbler




My next book.

More Significant, however, was Elizabeth's sacred bond with her sister-in-law Rebecca Seton, a rarely spiritual soul. The two became quickly "soul sisters", and their mutual devotions and good works earned for them the indulgent nickname of "Protestant Sister's of Charity". When the two came together, under the direction of the earnest curate of Trinity, they leaped forward, in a holy bond that was a nascent form of religious community, a "sacred circle" to which they later invited Catherine Dupleix.

Five tags:






Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book Meme.

Both Angela and Jean have tagged me for a book meme.

I will get to it at some stage this week. I am just too tired to go and get a book at this stage and there isn't one here that is longer than 123 pages. Unless you want me to write from the telephone book lol.

Our curriculum for this year.

Tomorrow we are going to Linda's and Bill's to get our curriculum for this year.

The subjects we will do this year will be:

Phonics and Reading
Catechism lessons
Sewing and Baking.

Spelling and Phonics, English, Latin and Maths will be every day subjects. Science will be twice a week. History once a week, Religion three times a week Catechism twice a week, Sewing once a week and Baking once a week.

The books I have ordered are:

Voyages in Language and Literature

Prima Latina

The Story of the World

Great Science Adventures

Catch the Sewing Bug

Signpost Maths

Voyages in Phonics

Essential Spelling

My idea for the timetable will be:

Lesson 1: Religion or catechism.
Lesson 2: Spelling
Lesson 3: Reading and Phonics
Lesson 4: Literature
Lesson 5: Maths
Lesson 6: Latin
Lesson 7: Science, History, Baking or Sewing.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I was tagged by Kathleen from The Daily Grotto.

Here are my answers.

I was born on the feast of St. Therese so was named after her. I have to say though, I didn't know any other Therese's. I accused my mother of making the name up when I was about 10.

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? I honestly cannot remember. I cry over really small things sometimes so it probably was fairly recently.



5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? 7 children. four sons and three daughters.


7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Not really. I usually try not to but sometimes cannot help myself.

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? No. I had mine out when I was 7 or 8. My younger sister was in hospital with me and it is actually one of my happiest childhood memories. We really loved being in hospital.


10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Coco pops. We very rarely have them though.


12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? I think I have a pretty strong personality. I do care what people think of me but I don't let that thought make decisions for me. If I have to choose between God being happy and others being happy, I will choose God being happy.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Butterscotch icecream.


15. RED OR PINK? Red is my favourite colour.


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My friends Lynda, Bernie and other Catholic mothers in Adelaide.

18. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? White pants and blue shoes.

19. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Baramundi, chips and salad.

20. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Entertaing Angels. My 14 year old is listening to it on the other computer.

21. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Red. My favourite colour.

22. FAVORITE SMELLS? Home baked bread, lasagna, White Dimands perfume.

23. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? Madeline. My 12 year old daughter.

24. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Netball and basketball.

25. HAIR COLOR? Brown

26. EYE COLOR? Hazel.


28. FAVORITE FOOD?Anything Italian.

29. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Happy hands down. I don't really like scary movies.

30. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? The child King.


32. SUMMER OR WINTER?Summer hands down.

33. HUGS OR KISSES? Kisses.

34. FAVORITE DESSERT? Cheesecake,

35. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Sink Reflections by fly lady.

36. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? No mouse pad next to our computer. My mouse is sitting on a white piece of paper.





41. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Sewing, knitting.

42. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Adelaide, South Australia

This meme is pretty long. I tag the following.

Lisa from Episcopollyanna

Leah from Lowdenclear

Suzy Q from Sailing by Starlight

Paramedic Girl from Salve Regina

Fr. John Speekman from Homilies and Reflections from Australia

and finally

Laura from Laura the Crazy mom (since she likes to talk so much).

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This morning Madeline, Brigette and I went into town to help with a WYD BBQ. We are hoping to raise some money to send some youth to WYD in July. We sold quite a few sausages but still have many left over so next week we will sell them after Saturday night Mass.

I came home and after cleaning up around the house and hanging some washing, I started the curtains for our room. The first lot are hanging up and hopefully I will do the other window tomorrow. I am really happy with the way they look. I probably could have made them a bit wider but they cover the window so that is fine.

Friday, January 18, 2008

spreading the love award.

Lisa at Unexpected Journey and Lisa at Episcopollyanna both passed this award onto me.

Here is Lisa's post from Episcopollyanna and here is Lisa's post from Unexpected Journey.

I want to pass this award onto

Athanasius from 50 Days After.
Ebeth from A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars
JoAnn from The Creamer Chronicles
Dawn from The Three B's
The mom from Shoved to Them
AussieAnnie from Under her Starry Mantle
Annelisa from My Motherhood
lastly, but certainly not leastly
Lynn from Signs and wonders

A Ham Sandwich????????

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.

Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.

And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation - from fancy to laid back.

Your best friend: The Turkey Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thanks to SuzyQ from sailing by sunlight for this quiz.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Master bedroom just about done.

Yesterday my mother came to Port Augusta on the train. She will stay with us for a week. She has recently had an operation on one of her knee's and will be having another one on the other knee in a couple of weeks. I would apreciate prayers for her and that the operation will be successful.

Because she was here this morning Steve and I went to Mass on our own. It was great. We got there 15 minutes early and prayed in the church. I haven't had a moment like that for a long time.

I have picked out most of Toms and Amelia's curriculum for this year and I am putting together our daily routine. I am feeling very excited about homeschooling them and interacting with them on a daily basis.

Steve has finally finished the painting in our room so all that we need to do now is the curtains and quilt. You can see from the photos what a great job he has done. I am so very proud of him. This is the fabric I have bought for our quilt and curtains. Hopefully I will get the curtains finished before school starts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're back!!!!!!!!

We had two nights at Port Broughton Caravan Park. It was a great holiday and great to spend some time with my girlfriend Di and her family. We went to the beach and relaxed by the pool. The children loved the jumping pad and riding around the park on their bikes. It was a real break for me. I didn't cook any main meals. On the first night we had sausages which Steve cooked, we went to the pub for Tom's birthday and last night on our way home we bought McDonalds for tea.

Tom had a great birthday. We bought him a roboraptor (That is the picture that is in the top corner). Tom has the big one. It has been a real hit around here. Christopher is a bit frightened of it but also attracted to it. He keeps on asking the other children to play it while he stands back.
It is good to be home. The children have two weeks of holidays left. Steve goes back next week on Thursday.
ETA, The caravan park we stayed at was one of the best one's I have ever been to. If you are wanting a holiday in SA by the beach I cannot recomend this one highly enough.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fly Lady is right.

We really can see the results of de cluttering. I am noticing more and more how much easier the house work and routine is without any excess around. I have got my routines for our bedroom, the lounge/dining room and kitchen down pat now. Our room takes about 15 minutes, the lounge/dining room about 20 and the kitchen around 30 minutes.

I won't be blogging for a couple of days. We are going to the beach for a couple of days. Tom will have his 8th birthday while we are gone so I will have lots to post about when we get back. While we are away I intend to write up my new mothers rule and my control journal. Hopefully it will help me get everything done that I need to get done.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Baby.

Athanasius contra mundum from fifty days after is a father. His wife had a baby girl and they called her Isabella. You can read about it here.

Congratulations Athenasius and Mrs. Athanasius.

Today we meet Fr. John Speekman.

This morning Fr. John Speekman came to visit us.

I read on his blog that he was traveling to Quorn and we are only just over a half hour away from there. I invited him to visit and he did.

Thanks Fr. John for calling in. We enjoyed having you here. I hope we can get together some other time too.

Here is a photo of Fr. Speekman with our girls and one with Steve, the girls, Tom and Christopher. If you want to see a photo of me you will have to go to Fr. Speekman's blog. Please excuse the blurry photo. I must have moved the camera around a bit.
ETA, the blurry photo is because of a child touching the lens. Blah!!!!!!!!

Last night at the pool.

At 8pm last night it was still 30 degrees celsius. (86 fahrenheit) so we took the children to the pool. Here they all are enjoying the water.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

here you go Marco

Marco wrote on my wall:

"Where are the photos of the new haircut?? The world is waiting!"

So. Here they are. Just for you. I got my husband to stop working on our bedroom and take it, just for you.

My friend sent me this you tube.

Don't you sometimes feel like that? lol.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today I had my hair cut.

It is very different. I have had a perm and cut. My hair is only shoulder length now. Tomorrow Steve will take some photos of me and I will post them.

Monday, January 07, 2008


I saw this over at Angela M's blog and she has tagged everyone that has a vowel in their name. Therese has three vowels so here goes.

Here is Angela's original meme.

1. Do you wear a name tag at work? I work at home and my family all know my name so I don't need one.

2. What kind of car do you drive? A blue Kombi when I have to take all the children and a blue corolla if I am just taking a few.

3. What do you order when you go to Taco Bell? What is Taco Bell?

4. Have you ever had a garage sale? No.

5. What color is your iPod? What is an ipod?(Only joking, I have teenagers so I know what an ipod is. I don't own one though. If I did, I would like to get a pink one.

6. What kind of dog do you have? A Cocker Spaniel called pepper.

7. What's for dinner tonight? We got Take away toinight. Half the family had Hungry Jacks and the rest of us got KFC.

8. What is the last alcoholic beverage you had? I have a glass of wine right here while I am writing this.

9. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? dropped it into a sink full of water.

10. Last time you were sick? I don't know. Probably sometime in winter I had some awful flu.

11. How long is your hair? At the moment it is shoulder length but I am having a cut and perm this week so I am intending to have about 2-3 inches cut off (shh, don't tell Steve).

12. Are you happy right now? Absoultely

13. What did you say last? not yet to my 16 year old son

14. Who came over last? I cannot remember.

15. Do you drink beer? No.

16. Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted? Not that I remember.

17. What is your favorite key chain on your keys? I don't really have a favourite key chain.

18. What did you get for graduation? I probably didn't get anything. Australians don't give gifts for as many occasions as you Americans do.

19. Whats in your pocket? Nothing.

20. Who introduced you to Dane Cook? Who is Dane Cook?

21. Has someone ever made you a Build-A-Bear? No.

22. What DVD is in your DVD player? Probably Vegie Tales.

23. What's something fun you did today? Went shopping with Steve and spent a heap of money on furniture.

24. Who is/was the principal of your high school? I remember St. Margret Mary O'Toole at high school.

25. Has your house ever been TP'd? Ok. I don't know what TP'd means so probably not. Please someone explain this too me.

26.What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"? CC (our adorable cat).

27. What are you listening to right now? Computer humming, keys tapping. Steve eating the left over KFC.

28. Drinking? Just filled up the glass of wine again.

29. What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart? I am assuming Wal-Mart is the Australian Big W and my favourite aisle is the craft one.

30. When is your mom's birthday? Christmas Day.

31. When is your birthday? October 1st.

32. What's the area code for your cell phone? 61

33. Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now? My sister gave it too me so I don't know where it was bought.

34. Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror? No. I detest things hanging from rear view mirrors so if I am ever traveling in your car pull it down. :::grin:::

35. How many states in the US have you been to? zero (never been outside Australia)

36. What kind of milk do you drink? Full Cream

37. What are you going to do after this? look at some email. Check out a few more blogs and then go to bed.

38. Who was the last person you went shopping with? Steve.

39. What is your favorite fruit? Hands down, Cherries.

40. What about your favorite dessert? Butterscotch Icecream.

41. What is something you need to go shopping for? No needs at the moment but plenty of wants. I would really like a new chair for my sewing table.

42. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives? Not that I am aware of.

43. What kind of car does one of your siblings drive? some station wagon. (I am a girl, I don't know the makes of cars unless I own them).

44. Do you like pickles? Love them.

45. How about olives? Loved them stuffed.

46. What is your favorite kind of gum? Extra

47. What is your favorite kind of juice? Apple and Guava

48. Do you have any tan lines? No

49. What hospital were you born in? Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide.

I am tagging anyone that wants to do this. Just leave a message in the comment box so that I can come and read all about you.


Baby Anna

I have been praying for Baby Anna since I began Mary's Prayer Garden.

This morning (the feast of the Epiphany) Anna died and went to the arms of Jesus.

Please go to Mary's prayer Garden and leave a message for Anna's parents.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The feast of the Epiphany.

Today is the end of the Christmas Season. We have holidays for another 3 weeks still and then it will be back to work for the year.
Our school year runs from January to December. We have 4 terms that are 10 weeks long. Inbetween each term the children get a two week break and then at Christmas time, we have a 6 week break.
Happy Feast of the Epiphany.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Getting back on track.

I had a couple of days that I didn't do any de cluttering. Fly Lady says that if you give it up, you are doing too much. I think she is right. On Wednesday, I didn't take the 15 minute breaks that she suggests every hour. I just wanted to get on and finish Tom and Christopher's room. There room is probably the most disorgnaised. It is going to take much longer than any of the other bedrooms to get organised and all the junk out. I just have to slow down and take baby steps.

Today I have left their room and continued with the kitchen. All the bottom cupboards are cleaned out and I can see everything that is in it.

My next project will be the pantry.

When Steve has finished our room he is going to build another cupboard in the kitchen for me to put all my canisters in. Because we don't know how long the bedroom will take him I am going to get all my canisters out on a table that is where we will put the cupboard. It probably will look a bit messy but I really cannot find anything in our pantry. It is just too small to store food for our family. If we move the canisters out I can reorganise my pantry and then do the top cupboards in the kitchen. I have worked out a time table and the top cupboards and pantry should all be finished by next Saturday.

I also need to get back on track with prayer. Last year the reason my mother's rule went so well was because I centred it around prayer. Prayer was the top priority. I know that when Tom got his pump and I had a lot of extra things to do for Christmas, I didn't make prayer the priority that I had before. I thought I have too much to do. I don't have time to pray. I have done this so many times and it really just wrecks all my routines. I am too rushed and doing too much rather than taking my time.

So this afternoon I will work out a routine for the next week that starts with prayer as the top priority. My next priority will be cleaning out the kitchen but I am going to allow 2 hours a day only for this (with two 15 minute breaks) so working on it for 1.5 hours.

Steve has had a few problems with the sanding machine he hired for our floor. He has finally though put the stain and first coat of varnish onto it and it looks really great. I will take some photos when we can walk on it and post the before and after shots. I cannot wait to get everything back into our bedroom. We have been sleeping on the matress on the floor for 5 nights. I hope we will be back in the bed on Monday night.

Friday, January 04, 2008

mmmmmmmm. Fish tonight.

We don't usually eat much fish. I have been to the fish shop today though and bought two baby snapper and 12 fillets of garfish. Tonight I am going to try fish parcels.

The recipe I have in mind is this:

Mix together the following:

Soy Sauce, dijon mustard, olive oil, and chopped garlic in a bowl. Sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper and then marinade it in the sauce. Leave in sauce for 1 hour and wrap in alfoil.

Bake in the oven at 180(celsius) until done.

If everyone likes it I am going to make it a part of my oamc. To do fish for oamc you buy the fish fresh, put the marinade on it and wrap it in alfoil. Place in freezer and then when you want to eat it heat the oven up and place the frozen fish in alfoil in preheated oven.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bits and pieces.

Today Daniel got his learners licence. He has driven me around to a couple of places and I am still living (obviously lol) although my heart jumped into my mouth several times while I was the teaching driver.

I am going through all my cupboards and getting rid of our excess. Fly lady says getting rid of the excess will help us with our routines. I didn't think I had much excess but when I went through all our cupboards, I found quite a few things that are not necessary and don't bless the family at all.

I have cleaned out our plastics cupboard and got rid of all the containers that don't have lids and all the lids that don't have bottoms. Goodness only knows where all their mates have ended up but they are not in my kitchen cupboards.

The heat wave we have been having finally broke today and it wasn't too hot to go out and hang washing. Sam usually hangs the washing late at night but I am going through all our cupboards and washing seems to be multiplying so I have done a few extra loads.

Steve stained our bedroom floor today but is really unhappy with the look so tomorrow he will go to Whyalla and hire a sander and start over. When the floor is finished I will take some photos and put them up here. I already have some before shots.

Catholic Carnival 153.

Sarah from Just another Day is hosting the first Catholic Carnival for 2008.

The theme is: Dedicated to Mom.

Go and check out a very well done and entertaining Carnival.

God bless

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel.

This time, 16 years ago, Daniel was about a hour and a half old. My first born was born on the 1st of the 1st.

I spent most of New Years eve and the night contracting. It took a while for the contractions to become regular and real labour to start.

He was due to be born on the 20th of December. I thought I would have my baby and be home for Christmas. Daniel obviously had other ideas and stayed put for another 10 days after his due date.

I hope you have a great birthday Daniel.

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
Our sons Tom and Christopher and our daughter Amelia are type one diabetics. We pray everyday for a cure. We do not want one by illicit means though so don't support any organisation that contributes to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Click on the photo of Tom and Christopher to read about why I am against using Embryonic Stem cells for a cure.

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Australian Catholic Homeschoolers.

Tom's and Christopher's insulin pump

New book: Faith Quilt.

New book: Faith Quilt.
All proceeds from sales of "FAITH QUILT" going to "Casa de Amor Children's Homes in Bolivia" and "Sarah's Covenant Homes in India" Two truly extraordinary organisations that take in the most needy children and give them a place of love and security to call home.