Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quick 7.


Baby Names.

Thanks everyone that gave us names suggestions. We have come up with a list of the top 4 names. On the list is:

Aaron James.
Isaac James.
Joshua David
Joseph Benedict.



One of my children broke my camera on Wednesday night. I thought maybe the batteries were flat so tried charging them up. The next day, the camera still wouldn't turn on.

I spoke with Steve about it and decided to buy a new one. It is my family present for my birthday which is this Thursday.

I got the same camera that broke except a latter model and in pink. The children have all been told not to touch it.


Welcome to spring.

This week we have had some terrible weather. On Monday the rain came down and we had a dust storm. It wasn't as bad as Sydney's dust but the car got lots of dust over it from the rain.

Everyday since has been sunny for a short time but we have had rain and it has been cold. I hope next weeks weather is better.



Yesterday I spent a fair bit of the day preparing summer patterns to sew. Tom, Amelia and Christopher all need new summer clothes. They grow so fast. I am starting to put aside some of Tom's good clothes for Christopher but most of them are too big for him at this stage.

Hopefully I will have some photos to share during the week.


Holiday plans.

Yesterday Steve and I went a choose 6 videos for the children to watch during the holidays.

Two of the videos are for Steve and I to watch and the others are for everyone.



My mother will come and stay with us this week and then on Sunday my girlfriend Di and her family will come to stay too.



do any bloggers here have a plurk account? I started plurking back in 2008 but got sick of it.

I let the account sit there for a while and didn't post anything but decided to start plurking again about 10 weeks ago.

I have meet lots of other Catholics and found some new blogs from there too.

Don't forget to pop over the Jennifer from Conversion Diary for other quick 7.


A Bit of the Blarney said...

The boys names are really very good...Difficult choice. So the camera is Pink is it? Hummm. None in blue? Have a grand weekend! Cathy

kim said...

i like joseph benedict from that list

Gramma 2 Many said...

What is plurking? Never heard of it at all.
It is strange to see you writing about spring whilst I am dreading the arrival of fall and winter.
My two cents worth baby namewise is Joshua David.
In the US a person would not be very willing to name a baby Benedict, since it would conjure up thoughts of Benedict Arnold, the greatest traitor in our history. But Joshua David is a good reminder of two of the strongest men in the Bible. There you have my opinion, and as usual, always for free!!

Therese said...


Plurk is an online social network similar to twitter. You can write updates on what you are doing and people can reply to them.

Here is my plurk page

As for the name Benedict, I picked it because of our Holy Father. I wasn't thinking of Benedict Arnold at all.

Shelly said...

i'm partial to joseph benedict! good strong name. and you can't go wrong with St. Joseph :)

have a great week Therese. Loved seeing the ultrasound pics. Blessings from Georgia!

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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