Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick 7.

These are the questions I am answering from the comment box:

typical birth order personality.

about musical instruments

how we chose their name

how they would react to another sibling.

The other questions, I will ask the children tomorrow and write their answers in another post.



Daniel's personality is very much like the eldest child. He is reliable, independent and a leader.

Daniel plays guitar. I think it was a natural choice for him since Steve plays guitar too. He has played for about 6 years I think.

When we were choosing names for our first child, I was pretty sure it was a boy. I really liked the name Daniel and Steve did too. His middle name is John and that was simply a name from both sides of our family.

Daniel would be pretty happy I think if we were to announce another pregnancy.



Sam has a happy go lucky personality. I certainly wouldn't describe him as trouble. He is one of my lazy children though that likes to rely on others doing the job for him.

He plays the drums. He started playing the drums nearly 2 years ago. He plays the drums because he likes the noise.

Choosing Sams name has a bit of a story. When I was pregnant with him, Steve liked the name Thomas and I liked the name Sam. We argued for most of the pregnancy.

Finally the day came that I was in labour and we still hadn't agreed on which name to have for him. I said to Steve, I really really want to call this baby Sam if it is a boy. Steve's reaction was to say, look, lets just wait and see what it is first and then we can decide.

When Sam was born, the ob asked us, so what's his name and Steve said straight away, I think it will be Sam. I was pretty happy. I think he said that because I was the one in labour.

If we were to announce another baby, Sam would be neutral. He wouldn't be over the moon with excitement about it or unhappy about it.



Madeline is the eldest girl and likes to be bossy. Her personality is very strong and she always lets us know her mind. She also needs to be constantly watched when doing chores because she will find all kinds of shortcuts.

She doesn't play any musical instruments yet, but we do have a clarinet for her to learn. This wasn't an instrument that she chose, it was given to us and she said yes, she would like to learn it.

We chose Madeline's name when I was pregnant with Sam. I remember being at friends house one night when I was pregnant with him and someone there suggested Madeline for a girl. Steve said he liked it and I was a bit surprised because it was a name I liked too and every other girls name I had chosen, Steve had hated. We obviously didn't need it for Sam, but we kept it for our next baby.

If we were to announce another baby, I don't think Madeline would be too excited. She would get excited as it got closer to the baby arriving I think.



Personality wise, Brigette, gets on well with every sibling. She is very easy going and everyone gets along with her, both in our family and with outsiders. She is the middle child and I think she has the right personality for this. Like Daniel, she is reliable. She certainly doesn't suffer from middle child syndrome.

Last Christmas, she asked Steve's parents if she could have their keyboard because she wanted to learn piano. We really don't have the money for a piano. She has read some books and is teaching herself. Maybe when she starts high school, we will get her some professional lessons.

Brigette's name was chosen because I liked it too. I remember sitting in hospital writing it out lots of different ways. I wrote, Briget, Brigette, Bridgette, and liked Brigette the best.

Brigette would love a younger sibling. She asks me regularly if we are having another baby and before I have a chance to answer, she says, remember mum, it is a sin to lie.



Tom is similar in personality to Sam. He is happy go lucky. I think though, he has been forced to be more mature than other children with dealing with diabetes and this has had an affect in the opposite as well. Our other children didn't seem as rebellious as Tom gets sometimes

Tom doesn't play any musical instruments. He hasn't shown any interests in learning any so far.

His name was chosen by Steve when I was pregnant with Sam. I decided since he let me use my boys name, that he should be able to use his boys name.

Tom would be excited if we were to announce another pregnancy. He would be very impatient for the time to go quickly.



Amelia has a very forceful personality. She isn't intimidated by anything or anyone. She will tell everyone exactly what she thinks and how she feels. She is also very sensitive and cries much more easily than any of our other children.

Amelia doesn't play any musical instrument but I think she would like to. I will have to ask her what instrument she is interested in.

Amelia's name was chosen from a list that I gave Steve. Steve was sick of choosing names by the time we got to baby number 6. I sat him down one day just a couple of weeks before she was due, and asked him to choose a boys name and a girls name from the list.

On the list I had actually written Emelia. Steve looked at it and said, isn't it suppose to start with an A. I said calling her Emelia or Amelia made no difference to me. Steve preferred Amelia to Emelia so that was what we went with.

Every night at family prayer Amelia prays Please God, I hope mum will have another baby. This has been her prayer since last July. I wonder if it will be answered one day. I think if it is, she would be the most excited of them all.



Christopher is very easy going and placid. He also gets on well with all the other children but can manipulate them all very well. He knows their weakness to give into him. He is our cuddliest child so far. He really likes to be on someone lap, cuddling. He always starts out in his own bed each night but comes in to us around dawn.

He doesn't play any musical instruments yet and hasn't shown any interest in them either.

For most of the pregnancy, Christopher was going to be David if he was a boy and Celeste if he was a girl. I ended up changing my mind when I got to 6 days late. I thought I need to change something so instead of David and Celeste, I changed to Christopher and Elizabeth.

I really don't know how he will react to baby news. I think he would go woo hoo or something like that but not really understand.


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God bless



Unknown said...

That was great learning about the kids, Therese, and how you picked names...Sounds like a great group!

Kathy said...

Great post. What a great way to learn more about your kids.

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Life- see my blog for details.

Thank you!

Gina said...

Loved reading about your kids, and so interesting.
God is so good how he makes each child (even from the same parents), soooooo different.

yofed said...

Thanks for the answers!

My Amelia also almost ended up Emilia, but my man thought it was too close to Emily, the bossy boiler... ;) I guess he watched too much Thomas and Friends as a child! lol

Smiley said...

God bless you for having so many kids. I have to keep my envy in check.

Shosannah said...

I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about your wonderful kids!
Thanks for sharing :0)

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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