Saturday, December 21, 2013

A year in review part one.


On the first of January, Daniel turned 21. He was in Vietnam so we didn't get to celebrate with him till he was back in March. We had a family party at my mothers place just after he got back. 

 Just 3 days after Daniel's birthday, Amelia was diagnosed with type one diabetes. We had three children in the house with it now. Having two children diagnosed before Amelia meant that I knew exactly how to look after her but still, it was a big struggle to look after three children with this disease. 

Tom turned 13 on the 14th of January. He got his first mobile phone and a remote control helicopter. He started high school a couple of weeks after his birthday and has matured quite a bit over the year

Christopher went of to school for the first time this year at the end of January. I thought he was ready for it after being home schooled for reception and year 1. He adjusted really well and proved to be a very organised student over the year. I did check his diabetes bag and school bag each day but it was rare for him to leave something out. 


Joseph celebrated his 3 birthday in February. He has grown up so much. 

Here he is with his new basketball ring. He has had many enjoyable hours playing with it. 

10 days later Christopher turned 8. All our children seem to be growing too fast. We have so many birthdays to celebrate each year and sometimes I find myself wondering where all the years go. 

February was the start of lent too and and the resignation of Pope Benedict. I was greatly saddened at his resignation but trusted that he was being guided by the Holy Spirit. 


At the beginning of March, we picked up our new Dualis. We got it just in time to take the children to Adelaide for a check up with their Endocrinologist. The Dualis has served us well over the year and has been my favourite car to drive. 

On the 13th of March, Pope Francis was presented to the church. We had a new pope. It took only two days for the Cardinals to elect him. I think this shows their unity and faithfulness to God. 

Madeline celebrated her 18th birthday on the 29th of March. (Good Friday). Just before her 18th, she decided to leave school and work full time at Hungry Jacks. She applied to study fashion design at Adelaide TAFE and started saving money for her move to Adelaide. 


In April, Madeline and Brigette had the holiday of a lifetime. They flew the Singapore and spent 8 days with my sister and her family. It was a great experience for them both. 

Steve and I also had a weekend away. Because we knew Sam and Madeline would be moving out in July, we thought it would be our last chance to get away and leave our younger children with the older ones in charge. We went to Claire Country Club and had a great time alone. 


Amelia and Brigette turned 12 and 16 in May.  Amelia had a party with friends at Hungry Jacks and Brigette went out to the movies with a group of her friends. 

Brigette went for her Learners permit and passed. She has been driving our Carolla around and will go for her P's in May 2014 I think. 


June was the last month that Sam and Madeline were to live with us. They applied to rent a place with Daniel, close to Flinders Uni. It was another milestone in our lives but I was glad they were leaving and pursuing their dreams. 

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
Our sons Tom and Christopher and our daughter Amelia are type one diabetics. We pray everyday for a cure. We do not want one by illicit means though so don't support any organisation that contributes to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Click on the photo of Tom and Christopher to read about why I am against using Embryonic Stem cells for a cure.

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Tom's and Christopher's insulin pump

New book: Faith Quilt.

New book: Faith Quilt.
All proceeds from sales of "FAITH QUILT" going to "Casa de Amor Children's Homes in Bolivia" and "Sarah's Covenant Homes in India" Two truly extraordinary organisations that take in the most needy children and give them a place of love and security to call home.