Friday, July 05, 2013

Quick 7 holiday edition.


Term two finished today. The children have two weeks of school and I am so glad they are here. No more rushing about in the morning getting them all organised. 


Daniel, Sam and Madeline have found a house in Adelaide. Everything is falling into place. Madeline had an interview at Hungry Jacks in Darlington and the manager said he would look into getting Madeline transferred. She works at Port Augusta at the moment. We haven't heard anything since the interview so we are hoping she will have some news soon. 


Renovations continue through the holidays. Steve is finishing of the laundry. We started plans for our laundry so long ago that I cannot remember how long I  have been waiting for it. Over the Christmas break Steve connected water, tiled and painted walls and floors and put in the bench and trough. Today he finally put taps on. It should be finished by the end of the holidays. I think all he has to do now is the door. 


For my work on renovations, Tom's bedroom and the lounge room both need new curtains. I guess I will be sewing a bit. I am also hoping to get a matching quilt made for Tom's bed. 


When Sam moves out, we are going to empty Tom's room completely and paint the walls. That is why I am going to make curtains and quilts. 


Christopher was going to move into Tom's room when Sam moved out and we were going to have Joseph on his own. We have changed our minds though and Christopher and Joseph will continue to share. Maybe the three of them will share in a few years time but for now we will leave Tom on his own. 


In other news, we have another new car. We had been considering selling our Carolla for a while. It is 16 years old and starting to need more and more repairs. then when we bought the Dualis we decided to stick with the Carolla and keep it. 

Since that time though, more things have gone wrong with the Carolla and we don't think it is that safe to drive to Adelaide if we need to. 

So we bought a new Mazda 2. Originally we were looking for second hand but then we discovered that Cruise Control was only in 2012 and 2013 models. It was a feature I really wanted and decided if we couldn't get a second hand one at a significant saving, we would get a new one.  We got this one last week. It is a Mazda 2 in Aquatic Blue. 

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Nancy said...

Wow! Lot's of changes in the Royal Household! I would love to see pictures of Steve's progress!

LOVE the color of the Mazda! I must say, I love that new car smell too!

Therese said...

Thanks Nancy. Steve and I were joking when we were tossing up between new car/secondhand car that the new smell had gone from our Dualis so we better get another new one.

Unknown said...

Very busy!!! Love the car! Here in the US there is a spray you can buy called "That new Car Smell!" Love it!

Therese said...

Hi Therese. Would love to have that spray.

Vicky said...

Everything sounds satisfying and productive, Therese. The car looks really neat! We bought our first (and only!) new car, three years ago. It was so exciting and it's been great to have a car that needs no maintenance.

God bless, Therese:-)

Therese said...

Hi Vicky. No maintenance was a big attraction for us as well. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Unknown said...

Nice car! We've got some never-ending renovations as well...slow going, but we are getting there.

Kelly Casanova said...

Lots of productive things happening at your place, I do love productivity!
Just saw some photos of Joseph on Google+, my how he has grown!
You asked me if I sell wrist warmers, and I don't - I'm a really slow knitter so I only knit for my family at the moment. However, they are very easy (do you knit - I can't remember?) and the instructions for mine were from the book "Learn to knit love to knit" by Anna Wilkinson, I just borrowed it from the library :)
God bless

Thalia said...


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