Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday.

Yesterday it was Steve's 20th anniversary of being a Catholic. He was baptised, confirmed and received Holy Communion for the first time at the Easter vigil in 1992.

Over those 20 years, Steve's and my faith have both grown. We have come to appreciate so many good things about the church and all she teaches.

When Steve first joined the church, I knew faith was something I wanted to pass onto our children, but I think I was more motivated by the culture that I had been brought up in than a commitment to God.

One of the things I love about Steve is when he takes on something new, he takes it on 150%. He did this with his new found faith. For a long time before I meet him, he had been reading the bible. He didn't really know if it was true in  his head but he hoped it was. He was waiting for someone to prove to him that it was true.

Hearing about apparitions and hearing about some of the saints that have had miraculous things happen was the proof he needed. He took on following God and the teachings of the church with the same zeal that he took all other things on.

At first I was worried. I didn't want to be to committed to God. It was okay to believe in him and go to church each week but to take on everything the church taught was just too legalistic and extreme.

Steve was a great example to me though. I realised over time, just how much happier he was within himself and how he was a better husband because of his faith and his commitment to God.

So today I give thanks for Steve and his faith in God. I give thanks that he took on the teachings of the church with such zeal and encouraged me too as well. I give thanks for all the church teaches and that she tells us what is right and what is wrong.

Happy anniversary Steve.



Vicky said...

That's beautiful and inspiring, Therese. I love thinking about how God uses the sacrament of marriage to lead us closer to Him - and to each other, too.

Thank you for sharing your encouraging story and congratulations to you both on Steve's anniversary.

God bless:)

Therese said...

Thanks so much Vicky. Looking back, I can see God really does know us better than we know ourselves and knows just how we will come closer to him.

suzy said...

This is a wonderful story Therese!
Tani converted to catholosism after we met too!

Therese said...

It is wonderful to see our husbands take on the faith isn't it Suzy.

Sue Elvis said...

Happy anniversary Steve!

I'm a convert too. I am often overwhelmed with gratitude that God led me to the Church. I also know how wonderful it is to share and live the Faith with a spouse. It is good to worship together as a family, believe in the same things, help each other to get to Heaven...

God bless!

Therese said...

Hi Sue,

It is a wonderful gift to share your faith with your spouse. I love converts. They seem so full of enthusiasm for the faith and God.

The Handmaden said...

That is so wonderful, the way you have both grown in your faith together and this is one of the things I love about marriage and how as spouses we help each other and are inspired by God to do so.
Did you know I'm a convert too? 15 years :)

Therese said...


I didn't realise you were a convert too. It would be great to hear your conversion story sometime. Maybe post it on your blog.

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