Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The start of lent.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. We have been preparing for lent for a few weeks now and have a list of things that we will give up.

The children and I (that do home school) have 10 different things that are small sacrifices. Each day we will pull one out of a box. That day we will offer that small sacrifice.

On the list is:

1) drink water only for a day.

2) Eat plain rice for lunch.

3) go without TV for a day.

4) Go without internet for a day.

5) go without a treat at snack time.

6) Say some extra prayers.

7) write a nice note to a member of the family that will make them feel good.

8) Write about your prayer and who/what you have been praying for.

9) Read about a saint.

10) Have no meat for a day.

Because there are 10 things and lent goes for 40 days we will do each thing 4 times. Each day when one is pulled out of the box, it will go into another box until we have pulled all ten.

For my own Lenten sacrifice, I have a list of things I must do each day before I get on computer. Hardly a day goes by that I miss getting on computer. There are some things that I really should do each day and neglect to because I spend too much time on here. If I put them before computer they will get done or I won't get on computer. I am not going to write here what the 4 things are but they are all things I should give priority too.

For some other Lenten sacrifices ideas,

Chez Ouiz has a really good one for the whole family.

Catholic Icing has a Lenten link up with 45 different links for different activities.

Catholic Icing also has the Lenten Calendar which I have saved for our computer.

Coleen is concentrating on prayer, fasting and alms giving.


GrandmaK said...

Wonderful idea. Wishing you well, dear friend! And so the celebration begins! Cathy

Colleen said...

I love the idea of ten things repeated 4 times. I think I'll copy that for my kids (with some tweaks becaus some are so young!). Thanks for the ideas :)

Suzy Q said...

Some great ideas Therese.
I always look forward to the focus that lent brings.
I plan to spend more time devoted to spiritual reading and praying, I think that that will become a good preparation for the imminent arrival of our new littlest one too!

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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