Monday, August 11, 2008

A meme.

Esther responded to my meme question and said I might like this meme. I went and checked out her blog and this meme looks like fun.

Summertime Meme

1.(a) When does summer start for you? (b) When does it end?

Summer starts in December and ends in February. We have warm weather from September till May usually though.

2.(a) Favorite Food(s) to cook on a grill:

An Australian BBQ. Chops, sausages, onions and potatoes.

2.(b) any recipe you'd like to share?

This is not a BBQ or grill recipe but I love love love my Butterscotch Icecream recipe

3. Favorite summertime smell:

Sun cream.

4.(a) Where was your last summer vacation?

Port Broughton

4(b) Where did you go (or what did you do) on your favorite summer vacation?

The Port Broughton holiday would have to be one of our favourite holidays. It was just a really nice relaxing holiday.

5. Favorite summertime dessert?

Duh. The Butterscotch icecream.

6(a). Favorite summer sport?

I don't have a favourite sport.


Because I am not a sporty person.

7.(a) Do you tan easily?


(b)Favorite suntan lotion?


8. What do you like best about summer?

I love it being day light in the evenings and going out for walks.

9. What do you hate about summer?

Definitely the mosquitoes.

10. Do you like theme parks?


What's your favorite ride?

I really like the pirate ship that does a complete turn.

11. Favorite Summertime movie(s)?

hmm. State Fair.

12. Favorite Summertime Book(s)?

I cannot think of one.

13. Favorite picnic spot?

The foreshore.

14. Footwear?

Sandals or thongs.

15. Favorite Summer flower?

Sturt Desert Peas.

16. Favorite summer song(s).

17. Things you used to do, and miss in the summer:

Going to the beach as a family with my Uncle Robert.

18. Summer poem?

Don't really know.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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