Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sammy Joe.

17 years ago today I gave birth to Sam, our second child.

You can read about Sam's
14th Birthday,
15th birthday and
16 birthday.

Here is Sam on his 14th birthday.

Here he is today, 17 years old.

Happy Birthday Sam.


honey said...

Happy Birthday To Sam! Yes, Therese,Sam does share the same birthday as Kelli & Jacob, October 27th,and you and I were the same age when we gave birth to our Joseph's ! We have a number of things in common,and I am glad we are "blog friends". Enjoy your day with your birthday boy! God bless.

honey said...

Therese, I read your "mayonnaise" post and wanted to let you know I love mayonnaise as well. I have never attempted to make it though. When we were growing up my Grandmom always made salad with mayo. When I married, I did the same calling it Philly Salad as my grandparents lived in Philadelphia. I serve it all the time and it is a favorite of all who try it. I'm always asked to bring it to parties. It is just lettuce, tomatoe and cucumbers cleaned and cut up, stir in the mayo, salt and pepper and put in fridge to chill. So simple but oh, so good. The mayo is the dressing and even people who say they don't care for mayo love this salad. Your post made me think you might be making the same salad I do! I will have to get brave and try making my own one time. I always buy Hellmans because that's what my Grandmom always used. Have a good day!

Jennifer in TX said...

Hi Therese,

Happy birthday to Sam! Hope you all had a nice family celebration!!


kim said...

happy bday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you all had a lovely day.

Kym-Anne said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful day.
Our babies grow up so quickly don't they :)

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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