Thursday, December 30, 2010

New years resolution.

I have been thinking about new years resolutions for a few days here. Being in holiday mode really doesn't help me feel too motivated to make one. I am just enjoying so much sitting around and doing what I want for a lot of the day. I love having the break from home school and just spending time with our children doing fun activities.

I was thinking the other day that there are many things I would like to happen in 2011 but there is nothing I can do to bring them about.

Things like a cure for type one diabetes. I would just love there to be a cure but it isn't something I can do myself. I can support research that looks promising and pray for one but the cure really is out of my hands.

Thinking along these lines, I decided that maybe instead of writing a list of things I want myself to do this year, maybe it would be good to have a list of what I hope will happen. So these are the things I hope for in 2011:

1) A cure for type 1 diabetes.

2) People that support abortion will see the evil that it is.

3) To become closer to God through prayer, reading the bible, attending mass and reconciliation.

4) To spend more time playing with my children.

Do you have any hopes for the new year?
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
Our sons Tom and Christopher and our daughter Amelia are type one diabetics. We pray everyday for a cure. We do not want one by illicit means though so don't support any organisation that contributes to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Click on the photo of Tom and Christopher to read about why I am against using Embryonic Stem cells for a cure.

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New book: Faith Quilt.
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