Friday, August 10, 2007

large families.

over at Louise's blog I read a post with this article about a large family.

Louise then linked to this. reading room .

I realized after reading these responses that I live an exceptionally sheltered life. I didn't think that people were really that awful. I did say to Louise that on the net many people use hyperbole more than they do in real life but still some of the comments about this family were really shocking. It made me wonder if people are saying simmilar things about Steve and I about our brood (of only 7).

It seems to me that as soon as you are not in the norm of having only two or three children that people think you are

a: sex crazed or

b: crazy.

Many of these people don't realize the good things they are missing out on by limiting their family size. They don't see what happens behind cloesed doors when you have a large family. They don't see the children playing with the two year old and enjoying it. They don't see everyone helping out with the chores so that the family can do something special together. They don't see the children learning to serve each other and then being willing to serve others.

Or maybe the truth of this is that they do realize that they are missing out on things so they feel a need to criticize so that they don't have to say to themselves that they have made a mistake contracepting and sterilizing. I really don't know.

I am just glad that God has given me the insight and grace to go against the popular cultural choices. I am sure the Dungars are too.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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