Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick 7!!


33 weeks.

Baby is getting very heavy now and I find it hard to stand for more than a couple of minutes.
Steve is being wonderful and helping with everything. Last week he even did the weekly shopping. Today I am going to ask him to help too.
The ob that I was seeing is from another town. He is no longer coming to Port Augusta so I have a new Ob. It is the same ob I had with Christopher and she is lovely. I would have gone to her right from the start if she had been here when I first got pregnant.



This week Daniel got his year 12 results. He did really well and is going to be in the local paper next week.
For our state of South Australia, Daniel was in the top 9%. He has worked hard this year and deserves the high scores.



I ordered some bamboo fleece and pul fabric to make the baby some aio. I am also hoping to have enough of the fleece to make the baby some sleeping bags. The bamboo is suppose to keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter so I thought it would be the perfect lining for my sleeping bags.
I also want to make a couple of slings and some wrapping sheets for the baby.


Big Cook.

Last weekend was suppose to be my big cook up. Since I was sick though, we didn't do anything.
I am going to do it this weekend. I am going to do it slowly though and get a couple of different meals done each day. Don't want to end up sick again.



I really miss my camera. I emailed Kodak yesterday to find out what is going on with it. I haven't got an answer yet and hope they haven't started their Christmas holidays. Hopefully they will email me back on Monday and I will have some idea of when it will be back.



With only a week to go, I am writing out lists and getting a little done each day. This will be our first Christmas here at home in a long time. It is so tiring taking the children all down to Adelaide to see family.
We will cook a turkey in the weber. I will make a heap of salads and put together a heap of finger foods. I am hoping to have some prawns too. Only Tom and I really like the prawns here so we will only get a few.


New Recipe.

I love chinese food. Most of all, I love their noodles.

JoAnn posted a recipe
for some garlic noodles that look just like the Chinese noodles that we get here.
I am going to try these. I am sure they will be super yummy.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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