Saturday, February 28, 2009

quick 7.

Teenage girls seem to be one of the biggest challenges of motherhood. I am on a step learning curve with our first daughter. I am praying for the virtue of patience and wisdom a lot.


Kathy has a great post on Children on Angel's I saved it for Friday Funnies but forgot all about it so it is now a part of my quick 7.


During lent this year we are going to start taking our children to church for some prayer time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. We took Tom and Amelia on Thursday night. It was good to go there with just a couple and explain what we believe about the true presence. We will also take Sam, Madeline, Brigette and Christopher at some stage. They seem to like one on one attention so we are only taking a couple of children at a time. This also makes it easier for them since there isn't other siblings to distract them.


Last night at soccer, Tom and Amelia played on different teams. They have so many players now that two teams have been made. Each night two children are chosen to receive an award. Tom won a voucher for McDonalds and Amelia won a voucher for Wendy's. I will take them today to get their prizes. They were both thrilled to win.


Last week in my quick 7, I wrote about the importance of obedience with regard to Fr. Peter Kennedy. I have always known the importance of teaching our children obedience and to follow rules and this week I realized why it is so important.

My realization came when I read about Sean Penn saying at the Oscars that the people that voted against same sex marriage were discriminating and not willing to treat each others as equals.

To have rules about marriage and who can marry, isn't discriminatory. If it is, maybe we should let children marry. Maybe we should let siblings and cousins get married. Rules are put in place to protect us. Having rules doesn't discriminate.


Earlier this week, Alexandra posted a link to lots of girls free sewing patterns There are some really cute things here and I have saved some of the links. Thanks Alexandra.


Last week we had our car serviced. Our tape recorder/radio hasn't been working and they fixed it up. My sister had left a tape in the car so we put it in. It was a true blast from the past. This song was on there. I haven't heard Supertramp for years.

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Tracy said...

Very nice, I always enjoy this:)

Ebeth said...

One of my most favorite groups!! "Give a little bit" is my fav, but the logical is great too!

Hey is this your new blog??? Kewl!

Anonymous said...

I have a 14 year old girl who is also driving me nuts Therese

Teenages selfabsorbed and selfish but I think I was the same at her age


Therese said...

Oh Karnak,

I was the same. I gave my parents much more grief than all my other brother and sisters combined. I can see now as a parent just how awful it really is.

Kate Wicker said...

My husband and I are already thinking about the challenges of raising teenage girls, and our girls are only 4, 20 months, and in utero! Be sure to share any wisdom you glean! :)

God bless!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. :)

I recently read that Sean Penn has visited Iran and stated that the "Death to America" chants weren't their real feelings about us. He has also visited the Venezuelan president who has really put restrictions on gays in his country. Penn got flack from the gay community for this. He hasn't a clue!

Therese said...

No worries Alexandra. Those outfits are so cute I want to have another girl. All my girls are too big for many of the patterns.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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