Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Legalized Euthanasia.

It seems that Tasmania is looking to legalize euthanasia.

I have been thinking about posting about this since I did My post on ESCR because the following comment was left:

would you also have a problem giving me the right to die? I have suffered from MS since I was a teen....I have gotten worse where I do think some days it would be better than living like this. Please don't take that right away from people, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, that is why I worry X-tra about my husband's diabetes, I'm sure the stress involved from taking care of me isn't helping him...

Life is a gift that we have been given. To end a life because we are suffering is wrong on so many levels.

Every single person on this earth has suffering to cope with. For some, suffering is minimal and for others, suffering can seem endless. I think it is important that we recognise the suffering in our life, but I think it is very unwise to let it define who we are and dictate our actions. To take a life because we are suffering from an illness is to let the illness dictate who we are.

The bill in Tasmania is titled the death with dignity. This is just a joke. Is it really dignified to take your life or let someone take it for you? Would a teenager that commits suicide have a dignified death? What exactly is dignified about letting a disease or suffering dictate your actions? It doesn't seem dignified to me.

We have recently seen ESCR funded with Federal funds. I think this is a natural progression from legalized abortion. Abortion is so accepted in our society that people don't recognise the embryo as human life or as deserving of the same rights as any other person.

At the moment, the bill before Parliament is for terminal patients only but if it is passed, we will see a natural progression (just like we have seen with abortion and ESCR) of life being denied for others and it will be more than terminal patients that will have their life ended.

As the mother of two children with chronic illness, this just frightens me. I know that at some stage their life may been seen as something less or undeserving of treatment because of their condition. We need to speak up for all groups and say that no group should be denied their basic rights. If euthanasia is legalized, I believe many people will be denied their basic right to life.

Please pray for the politicians that will be voting for this bill.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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