Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick 7.



I am now 29 weeks and everything is still going smoothly. I am starting to feel a lot of pressure on my pelvis when the baby lies a certain way and cannot stand for long. So far baby hasn't laid that way for very long so hopefully I won't get uncomfortable with it.


Broken Camera.

My camera that I bought just 6 weeks ago stopped working. I have charged it and tried a couple of times to open it but it still will not turn on. I am going to ring Kodak on Monday and see where to send it too and get it fixed.


Musical Theatre.

Next weekend, Madeline and Brigette are in the musical theatre production called Do you believe in Santa Claus? They are putting shows on Friday night, Sunday lunchtime and Sunday night. On Friday I bought tickets for us to go and see the show on Sunday night. I really hope my camera is fixed by then and I can take some photos.



This year we are going to do an Advent Tree. I got the idea from Judy at BenMakesTen.

This is the outline that Judy has:


Put up your Christmas Tree, but ONLY the not put anything on it.
Leave it this way all week.
From time to time, sit near it and think about what it symbolizes...LIFE...beautiful life here on earth....and the EVERLASTING love of Jesus...and the LIFE IN ETERNITY He will grant us one day.


Now place the lights upon the tree....ONLY the lights...Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.
Sing carols and read Scripture stories that anticipate HIS COMING.


The ornaments will adorn the tree this week!
It's drawing nearer!
The waiting is almost over! ONLY ONE MORE WEEK AFTER THIS!
Add those special touches and prepare a place of the HOLY INFANT!


The final top now comes to its place.
An angel?
A star?
Whatever you choose.
Place it atop your tree and stand back for a few moments!
This final week will pass so quickly and you have now had time to PREPARE YOUR HEART in
a very focused and thoughtful way!

I am thinking of making a heap of purple ornaments to put on the tree in week two. We may make a advent wreath too.


Moving day.

Today the children changed rooms. I have sewn one of the boys curtains but need to buy some hooks. I thought I had some but I cannot find them. I may have put them away or maybe they have all been used.



Daniel is down at schoolies for the weekend. I am sure he will have fun there.



Even though my camera is broken, another mum emailed me some photos from the closing mass yesterday.

Since he is school leader, he got up and made a speech at the end of the mass. Here he is with the other school leaders, Jessica, Zaraar and Caitlyn.

Thanks so much Jennifer for hosting Quick 7 each week. Pop over to her blog to read what other people have for their quick 7.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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