Friday, May 20, 2011

7 quick takes.


Tomorrow morning, Amelia has a bye for netball. We don't know yet what time Brigette's game is. Steve and I will go to mass and adoration. If Brigette needs to be at netball before this finishes, I might see if she can get a lift with someone.

We are having a combined birthday party for Brigette and Amelia this weekend. Back in 2007, They had a double party for their 10th and 6th birthday. This time is is for their 14th and 10th. We have invited lots of families and will have a bbq lunch for them both.


Joseph is Walking.
This week, Joseph has started walking suddenly. He has seemed to be on the brink for months walkign along furniture and then getting down to crawl whenever he came to the end of it. Now this week, he has suddenly started taking lots of steps across the room. He finally has the confidence to stay standing. I think he could have walked weeks ago but was lacking in confidence. Now I guess there will be no stopping him.


Date night.

Tonight Steve and I went to our local Indian restuarant for tea. We had lamb korma, chicken something (I cannot remember what they called it). garlic and cheese naan bread and some lemon rice. I really love Indian food.


Mini Trampoline.

We bought a new mini trampoline. Steve and I just don't seem to be able to get out walking as much as we want to so we decided this would be a good thing that we could both do at night. Hopefully we will loose a few kilo's running on it.


Three site changes.

Today Christopher's pump site has come out twice. He woke up with numbers in range but was high by morning tea time. I investigated and found the whole site had come out. We put a new one in only to have it come out a few hours later. He didn't know how it happened but I had to put in another site. Tonight when Steve and I got home, it had come out again. Now we have some sites from a new box in his leg. I suspect the other box had a few which were not as sticky. Fingers crossed that we don't have to do another site change for another three days.



Have you heard of plurk? Plurk is another social network that is similar to twitter. I find it much more fun though.

There is a great Catholic community on there. I have meet many priests and stay at home home schooling mothers.

If you want to join plurk, just click on my link above and it will take you to my page. You will have a page ask you if you want to join. I usually read my friends plurks while I have my morning tea.

Jen from Conversion Diary is the hostess for the Quick 7. Go and see what others are saying in their quick 7 posts.


kim said...

i will check out plurk when i get a few mins. happy combined party. we are having our 1st and 6th birthday combined next weekend on the 29th.

Sue Elvis said...

Two things caught my eye, Therese: your date night with Steve. Did you take Joseph with you. We love Indian food too!

The other things was the mini tramp. Andy and I are always looking for ways to exercise. We'd like a treadmill because it's too dark to run outside by the time Andy gets home from work. But for now a treadmill is out of our price range. We do have several mini tramps though. The girls exercise on them in pairs. They put on some lively music and then take turns shouting out different moves. We have a book of different trampoline actions: they all have interesting names from a simple twist or run, to the mummy, the kangaroo, the skier etc. The girls have a lot of fun and get a good aerobic workout. Enjoy your exercise!!

Therese said...

Hi Kim,

I hope your party goes well. We are all organised for tomorrow.


Last night we didn't take Joseph with us. Our original plan was to take him but then we had to go later to the restuarant than we originally thought. He would have been tired and painful if we took him. We left him with our 14 year old daughter to look after and his 17 year old brother in charge of everyone.

We only have one mini trampoline. Steve and I also looked into buying/renting a treadmil but it was out of our price range too. The moves your daughters make sound interesting and I think I would love to sit and watch them do their aerobic workout. I don't know that I would enjoy doing it though lol.

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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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