Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The lovely Fr. John Speekman from Homilies and Reflections from Australia tagged me for a An Eweewe.

Now I can all hear you ask, what is an Eweewe? Well this is what Fr. John tells us about them.

A Eweewe is closely related to a Meme which gives you a chance to tell others about you. A Eweewe (pronounced you you and, according to an ancient tradition, sometimes written as Yuyu or even Uu) gives others a chance to tell you about you. Now that's simple enough, isn't it? And so worth doing!

Easy isn't it. (as long as the person doesn't get embarrassed and say boy I shouldn't have asked these people to do this).

So here are the things I am suppose to say about Fr. John.

1. In a few words explain why you find me so attractive as a human being.
2. Name two things you admire about me.
3. Name two more.
4. Place a tick if you agree:
I am dynamic
fun to be with
5. Say something nice about me.

Well, I could

1) be really nice and reply just like Adrienne. or

2) be cheeky and reply just like Gina did at Fr's blog, or

3) I could just say:

"Fr John, if you have a need for affirmation go talk to your mother, or someone."

I think I will go with number three so Fr. John, go and talk to your mother will you?

I want to add to that though, I really enjoy your blog and I really enjoyed meeting you back in January. I certainly hope that you will be up our way again and will call in for a meal, not just a cup of coke.

If you do call in, you will be very cool (if you sit under the air conditioner especially) and I am sure you will think of something witty to say to our children.

Now, I am going to tag

Leah and

because I am sure these women can think of lots of nice things to say about me and I hope they tag some people and have lots of nice things said back to them.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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