Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain doesn't want to protect children.

Well according to Catholics for Obama-Biden he doesn't.

Is this really true?

From their blog:

John McCain now troubles us that he is not committed to the protection of children from such abuse. Senator Obama has said that all school age children need to be given age appropriate education to guard against sexual abuse and molestation. McCain is attacking Senator Obama for this statement. McCain is saying kindergarten children should not be taught that is wrong for strangers to touch them inappropriately.

I asked the poster where John McCain said that children shouldn't be taught this and I haven't had an answer yet but the post does have this included:

In charity, I assume McCain is not affirmatively for child molestation but has a misguided prudity that believes in saying nothing and hoping for the best. We, as Catholics, know where this leads and the results are tragic. We now have programs -- needed programs -- for the protection of children in our Catholic schools. Should John McCain be allowed to block programs with the same goals from our public schools?

I have watched a couple of video's today trying to find what it is that Barack Obama does support. Does he support programs that guard against sexual abuse or does he support Sex education? Here is a link to one tape:


Barack Obama says:

"I remember Alan Keyes . . . I remember him using this in his campaign against me," Obama said in reference to the conservative firebrand who ran against him for the U.S. Senate in 2004. Sex education for kindergarteners had become an issue in his race against Keyes because of Obama’s work on the issue as chairman of the health committee in the Illinois state Senate.

"'Barack Obama supports teaching sex education to kindergarteners,'" said Obama mimicking Keyes' distinctive style of speech. "Which -- I didn’t know what to tell him (laughter)."

"But it’s the right thing to do," Obama continued, "to provide age-appropriate sex education, science-based sex education in schools."

This is not saying I want to protect children from sexual abuse. This is supporting sex education to young children.

What exactly would age appropriate science based sex education involve? What does Barack Obama want to teach children?

I have looked for the bill that Obama voted in favour of.

It is bill SB0099.

It can be read Here

from the comment box at Political Punch:

Obama is relying on everyone being so repulsed by the Sex Ed charges against him that no reasonable person could possibly believe it to be true.

Fact: The legislation Obama supported was not for the purpose of teaching young children about inappropriate touching and predators. That purpose already existed in the Illinois School Code in Section 27-13.2 many years before SB0099 was introduced.

Fact: The language in the bill changed the specific mandate for STD transmission and prevention education from grades 6 through 12 to grades K through 12.

If there was no intention of providing STD education in kindergarten, it would not be necessary to deliberately change the language in the bill to include kindergarten in the STD education mandate.

The bill leaves intact language which mandates that alcohol and drug use and abuse education be included in grades 5 through 12, but deliberately changes the language that mandates STD education in grades 6 through 12 to grades K through 12. The intent is clear. There would be no reason to change the grade level requirements unless kindergarten were to be included in the mandate for STD education.

Fact: There was so much objection to mandating STD education, among other Sex Ed topics, for kindergarteners and early elementary students - even among Democrat legislators - that an amendment had to be added to the bill changing the bill's originally proposed language of 'grades K through 12' in the STD education mandate passage back to the Illinois School Code's existing language of 'grades 6 through 12' (line 3 of the amendment - the amendment then goes on to change the bill's proposed requirements of 'grades K through 12' in several passages back to the School Code's existing 'grades 6 through 12').

Fact: Obama voted for the originally presented bill, before the amendment.

Fact: McCain's ad is true.

Finding this information wasn't that hard and didn't take me too long. I suppose Obama supporters think it is okay to misrepresent John McCain and pretend Obama wasn't supporting something that many people wouldn't want for their children. Fact is, When you look for the facts, McCains add is not an unfair attack against Obama. It is the truth.
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