Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Take a stand for the Catholic Faith.

Australian TV has recently put a new program on TV called californication. This is the email I received about this program.

Hi friends,

Last night (Monday) Channel Ten ran the first episode of a new series called 'Californication' that has been proudly advertised as "the filthiest show on television". Even before it started the ads being run showed the lead actor (David Duchovny) in a Catholic Church being offered and receiving ######## from a nun dressed in full habit while he used his hand to shield the eyes of Jesus on the cross above him. It is a complete mockery of the Catholic faith and disrespect for things holy and decent.

In the episode that ran tonight five explicit sex scenes were packed into one 30 minute episode, including a romp with an under-age girl.

As Christians and as people of good-will we really must stand up against this type of 'entertainment'. It is a mockery of our beliefs (imagine the outcry if they used Muslims instead of Catholics) and it is promoting the over-sexualisation of a society that is already dying in immorality. We have divorce, broken families and addiction to ##########, do we really need more of it? These things continue to happen because we have allowed it to happen. When was the last time you wrote a letter to show your disapproval. I hear so many people complaining that society is going bad, well this is why.

What I am asking is that you write a letter to channel 10 today that voices your disappoval and disgust at such a show and the way it has defamed Christian beliefs. When a network receives a letter they take it to be expressing the views of a number of people so one letter does have great value. All you need to do is write in two paragraphs the show you are referring to and why you object to it. It should only be short for it is the sentiment that is important. Channel 10 does not receive complaints via email but letters sent by email are always not regarded highly anyway. The most noted correspondance is by post (just type it print it and post it - 5 minute job) or if it's easier just fax it off to them. Or even phone and register your complaint. You will find all the details needed for contacting Network Ten here

I have attached the letter I sent today as a bit of a sample if that is a help to you. Remember it is not the length but the fact you are objecting to it.

Please pass this on to as many people as you can. Let's do our best to stop this particular immorality and bashing of Christianity today!

Today Adelaide now had This article asking if Catholics should be objecting to this show. Please go and vote. Take a stand for our Catholic Faith.

Thanks to Louise at Purcell's Chicken Voluntary for pointing out this article.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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