Monday, December 31, 2007

A Mothers Rule and Fly Lady.

Last week I got in the post a book called Sink Reflections by Fly Lady. The lovely Adrienne from Adrienne's Catholic Corner sent it too me for a gift.

I have been reading it and I love it. I did belong to Fly Ladies yahoo group for a short time but just couldn't get my head around the emails. There were so many and they didn't really have a plan laid out like the book does. I remember her telling me to shine my sink and put my shoes on. She also asked me where my washing was and a few other things. I stopped the emails because I just couldn't get my act together with them.

About three years ago now I read Holly Pierlot's A mothers Rule of LIfe. It was just what I needed. I worked out a routine. The first year was hard. I didn't really stick to it much at all. The second year it was better but I still had many disorganised days. This year has been the best of all. I have established some good routines and our house has been much more peaceful.

When Tom got him pump and started homeschool I started to fall behind. I just couldn't work out how to get all the extra things for Christmas done, homeschool Tom adequately and maintain our house.

I wrote about it on here and Adrienne came to my rescue. She sent me the book and it was just what I needed.

A Mothers rule helped me establish rountines but I think that Fly lady will help me with getting everything done. When I look at my routine and what I do I mostly do 90% of it and leave a little bit. This makes a difference in the long run. Fly lady has helped me see why I hate washing clothes and why I hate cleaning the bathroom. I think that these jobs are the ones that I only do the bare minimum and they never look really good and finished.

Fly lady talks about people that are born organised. In our house, Steve, Daniel and Brigette are our born organised people. The rest of us are SHE'S. (sidetrack household executives). After reading both Holly's book and Fly Ladies book I am starting to think that we SHE'S just need to find the right person to explain to us how to be organised and suddenly it will click. Holly's book was the starting point for me and Fly lady finished of the process. I think that after reading both books, I should be able to have our house running much more smoothly and be able to get everything done.

ETA, over at Jennifer F's blog Et-tu she has a Great post on Daily living that will hopefully be the icing on the cake for me this year. God points us in the right direction every time we need it.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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