Friday, October 24, 2008

Abortion is a form of Terrorism.

This is an essay my son Daniel wrote against abortion.


Do you support abortion? Now ask yourself, do you support killing babies? The medical definition of abortion is “the removal of a fetus from the uterus.” It is a scientific fact that the foetus is more than a bundle of living cells, it is unique human life. In removing the child from the uterus we are killing it, killing human life, killing a child.

The right to life is one of the most basic and important rights that we have as human beings. Yet we believe we have the right to take it away from these young and innocent developing children. Why do we talk about them as some thing that we can treat as property?

Some heartless people would argue that it is better to allow abortions than have “unwanted” children in the world. There is no value whatsoever to not existing, it is just nothing. Life has value in and of itself. In accepting abortion we are accepting the value of no life. This is a form of selfish thinking because we are the only ones that experience the so called “benefit”. But what is the benefit of no life? Every person contributes to society, the unborn child can only contribute if it is born. The absence of this child is therefore a loss to all of society.

Abortion is a form of terrorism. It is human sacrifice to a false god of selfish individual choice. Life is like a tree, you plant the seed, nourish it and it will grow. Abortion is like planting the seed and letting the tree grow, and then when it is about to sprout fourth fruit chopping it down. Killing it. Giving it no chance to flourish.

Some “abortion terrorists” will argue that the foetus is not a child until it is able to feel pain. The majority of abortions occur between 8 to 12 weeks. When the foetus is a mere 8 weeks old, it is fully capable of feeling pain. If you poke a young infant with a pin you know what happens. She pulls away and opens her mouth to cry. If you poke an 8 week old foetus in the palm of his hand he pulls his hand away and opens his mouth to cry. In other words, changes in heart rate of a young foetus prove that intrauterine manipulations are painful to the child.

Other “abortion terrorists” argue that the foetus is not a person because it cannot think. Wrong! If a man was driving his car and had a horrible accident in which he was left in a vegetable state, unable to think, would this make him not a person? It is also clinically proven that a child recognises the voice patterns of his parents whilst inside the womb. Being able to recognise voice patterns represents the ability of the foetus to think.

In the year 2002, there was approximately 73,300 “human sacrifices” funded by private medical companies within Australia. This is 73,300 people that now cease to exist and are not given the chance to contribute to society. It is estimated that in the western world there are 2,100,000 abortions per year. This is a ridiculous amount of people that will never exist because of someone’s selfish motives.

There are many cases that make abortion seem like the best alternative, for example in the case of a woman being raped; some “abortion terrorists” would argue that it is not her child and that she has the choice whether to keep it or not. In been raped, the woman has already had her body violated. In turning to abortion, the operation is just another violation of her body. Why should the innocent child cease to exist because of someone else’s sins? This child has never done anything wrong yet he is the one that has to suffer the consequences for someone else’s wrong actions. Is that fair?

“Abortion terrorists” claim that because abortion is legal, it must be ok. Wrong! Many years ago, slavery also used to be legal, but was it morally right? Another way of looking at this is that it is legal for a man to sleep with another mans wife, but is it morally right? Abortion is morally wrong, it is a form of human sacrifice. It is time that society opens its eyes and puts a stop to this ridiculous act of terrorism.


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