Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick 7.


1st week of school.

We had ups and downs with the first week. On Tuesday morning Tom woke with high blood sugars and ketones. I decided to take him to the hospital just in case he got worse. He actually got better much quickly and we were home by 10.00am. It did interfere with our day though. Fortunately Steve was able to stay home and taught Amelia her morning lessons.


Big Cook.

I am doing our big cook this weekend. So far I have cooked the chickens for the spaghetti chicken and made three meals of Chicken Chow Mein. I realized last night at 7.30 that I hadn't got enough mince from the kangaroo mince store so I will have to wait to do our chilli till Monday.



On the menu for this month:

Chicken Spaghetti.
Chicken Chow Mein.
Sausage Casserole.
Chilli Con Carne.
chicken schnitzels.

If you want to know any of my recipes, let me know in the comment box and I will post it on Thursday for Therese's recipe swap.


Bored with our menu.

I shared with Erin from Seven Little Australians plus One that we are eating the same meals over and over. Erin is in the process of making up a spring menu.

Erin referred me to her other blog that has some links for some new meals.

Go and check it out because I have found some great recipes.


Pioneer Women's Cook book.

I want to buy this book. It is being released on Sam's Birthday so I am going to see if Fishpond have it that day.

I love Ree's blog and we have tried lots of good recipes from there.


Balloon Boy.

The news about the little 6 year old that was thought to go up in the balloon was on our radio yesterday morning. When the news came out that they thought it was a wild stunt planned by the parents, I was very concerned. I really hope it wasn't. Personally, I couldn't imagine a 6 year old hiding for 3 hours to pull of a stunt.


New Blog.

A friend of mine from DCF forums has started a new blog Called Off to the West.

Rachel is a prolific poster and her blog is most definitely worth checking out. Each time she posts, she posts about a blogging diva and I was very flattered to be one of them.

Go and check out her blog.

As always, don't forget to pop over the Jen's for other quick 7's.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes

Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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