Monday, October 22, 2007

Today has been one of those days.

tonight I burnt my arm while cooking tea. I have also been having lots of doubts about homeschooling and if it really is something God wants us to do. I have had some conversations with some people that make me think well maybe God doesn't want me to do this.

If you could all please pray for me while I discern his will for me. I did believe pretty strongly up until today that this is the path God wants me to take but today I have felt many doubts about my ability and if it really is the best thing.


Anonymous said...

Just don't let the "perfect" get in the way of the good.

Homeschooling is much like parenting in general, in that nobody does it perfectly, but most of us can do it well enough.

I certainly don't know what's best for your kids, Therese, so I'm not going to tell you what to do - it's not my place. As long as you realise none of us is perfect, that's the main thing.

What are your doubts? You might not want to share them here, but I often find it helpful when I have doubts or worries to identify *exactly* what it is that bothers me and then I can pray and think about it and look for possible solutions/answers.

Just as a suggestion, perhaps you could homeschool for a year just to see how you go. It's highly unlikely that one year away from school will do the kids any harm.

Also, you could write a list of the most important goals for your kids. This would certainly include things like the kids knowing God and loving Him, feeling loved by God and parents and so forth, as well as learning skills like reading and writing. Once you can see what the most important things are from your point of view, you can see if homeschooling or school fit with that and whether or not it's worth taking the leap into the dark!

ignorant redneck said...

Hey there Terese,

The thing to remember in this is that the Church says that Parents have the primary responsibility to communicate the faith to their children, and for the education of their children.

God wants you to bring them up in his ways.

The State, and the Teachers union, want to bring them up in their ways.

Do you have access to a good Catholic school? Will it teach them the faith without omission or error? What do the state schools teach?

If you find that the state schools teach things contrary to the truth of our faith, and that the Catholic schools you have access to are deficient--then simple logic would say you should teach them.

If your Catholic school is academically sound, and doesn't teach error, then you could teach them religious topics while trusting the school to teach academics. But if your state schools teach and inculcate the relativism and amorality that pervaids our schools here--you might have a third or fourth thought about them!

Of course, there are lots of correspondence schools, such as are used by cruising yachtsmen and people in isolate4d areas that could be useful also.

God Bless, and don't listen to the folks who buy off on what the world tells us!

Michele said...

i'll pray for you. sorry to hear about your arm. i hope it is better soon.

Episcopollyanna said...

Prayers for you of course, dear Therese. You will do the best thing for your children, I know.

EC Gefroh said...

Praying Therese. Hope your burn isn't hurting too much.
Do you belong to a homeschooling support group near you?

Therese said...

The burn is much better thanks Esther. Our town is a small one and there are not any other Catholic homeschooling famlies here. I am meeting a Catholic family soon that live about a hour away.

Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

I'll be praying for you Therese. I'm leading our women's scripture study tomorrow night and the topic is on wisdom/conscience/discernment. I'll be sure to lift your discernment up specifically.

God Bless,

Michelle said...

Therese, I'll be praying for you as you continue to discern what is best for your family.

If you need a sounding board I'm a good listener. :)

Marie said...

Will keep you in my prayers Therese:).

I wont say too much in that I dont have children. But I can say that much of what is taught in schools especially sex ed leaves much to be desired. Also history seems to have died out as many schools focus on ecology. Do away with history and your doomed to repeat it.

In my prayers:)


jj said...

Praying for you too I'm afraid I can't really help you in how to choose, but I'm sure whatever your choice will be you can do the best of it and be able to compensate for the possible shortcomings it may have.

God bless

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