Monday, June 08, 2009

ABC of me meme.

I saw this meme at Adoro's ages ago and wanted to have a go.

A - Attitude: Pretty good I hope.

B - Born in: North Adelaide South Australia.

C - Cat's name: CC (short for clever cat)

D - Dog's name: Pepper.

E - Excited by: surprises.

F - Field: sunflowers.

G - Grateful for: my family, my faith.

H - Hates: lies, twisting words.

I - Into: sewing, knitting, reading,

J - Job title: Household executive.

K - Kinfolk: mother, father, brother, 2 sisters, husband, 7 children.

L - Loves: Jesus of course, my husband, my family.

M - Music: classic, 80's. My favourite singer is Steve Curtis Chapman.

N - Nickname: Cherry Baby.

O - Outstanding achievements: Mother to 7.

P - Pastimes: blogging, internet surfing, sewing, reading, sudoku, karkuro,

Q - Quirks: I don't know my quirks. When I asked Steve he said well you like flies in the house. I said, I don't like flies in the house but I do hate flyspray.

R - Relaxes by: sleeping, reading, sewing, anything besides housework.

S - State of residence: South Australia.

T - Telephone type: land line, mobile (thats cell phone for my friends across the pond).

U - Usual breakfast: coffee, eggs on toast.

V - Vices: use to be coke zero but I have given it up pretty much. I only have it now if we eat out.

W - Wearing: yellow jumper, black track pants, ugg boots.

X - X-ray you last had: an ultrasound last June.

Y - Yummy dish you make: Chicken Snitzel, meatloaf. bubble raisin pudding.

Z - Zoo favorite: Elephants.

I tag anyone that wants to take part. Let me know in the comment section and I will add a link to your blog.

Jillian from Homeschooling for Christ has her abc list.

Abbey from Abbey Road has her list up too.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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