Friday, April 17, 2009

Day one of my oamc.

Today I started my oamc for our main meals.

I was going to write out a post about all the things I do, but I think it will be easier if I write it day by day.

I usually take 4 days to cook all our meals but since we are on holidays, I am doing it over three this month.

Day one I do the following:

1- choose the meals.
2- Write a shopping list.
3- Go shopping.
4- cook any meat the needs to be cooked ahead.
5- cut up vegetables.

1. Choose the meals:

I choose 10 main meals and we have them three times each month.

My 10 to cook this month are:

poppy seed chicken.



chicken schnitzels.

pumpkin soup.

Spaghetti Boglanaise.

Mushroom spaghetti.


cheeseburger soup.

Each month, one meal will not be prepared ahead but will be a meal I can do fairly quickly on the day we have it.

My main meal that isn't being prepared ahead this month is Easy Oven Cooked Fried Rice. We have it without the meat usually since this is one of my meatless dishes.

2- shopping list and 3- go shopping:

I write down all the ingredients we need for all the meals and then go through the pantry before I shop to see what we have from the list. Anything we have, I cross off. I then do the shopping.

When I come home from shopping, I sought all the ingredients for each meal into a bag except for the things that need to be refrigerated.

4- cook meat ahead and 5- cut up vegetables:

I put all the chickens into a big saucepan to make chicken stock and cook the chickens.

I usually also cook the mince. I buy the mince from a kangaroo meat factory. Tonight I didn't get there before they closed so I hope they will be open tomorrow morning. Otherwise I will have to buy the mince from the supermarket.

tonight I will cut up the vegetables for the meals I am doing tomorrow. I usually keep these in the fridge in containers that we freeze the meals in in.

Tomorrow I will write about day two and post some photos.
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Please pray for a cure for Type One Diabetes
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New book: Faith Quilt.
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